Hot News LSP-450HDPE Three-layer Pressure Pipe Production Line

Extruder with long L/D ratio, high efficiency and high output of 850KG/H and integrated control with gravimetric weighing system. HDPE three-layer co-extrusion head, adopt spiral basket structure, easy maintenance, accurate thickness of each layer. Vacuum tank adopts negative pressure closed-loop control, which saves 80% energy and greatly reduces noise. High efficiency servo motor and precision reducer are used in hauling. hauling speed range is wide and stable. Swarfless cutting machine, maximum cutting thickness 60MM.
08-262019Prdouct News
07-042019Prdouct News

LSDP-32PPR Two-layer Double-pipe Production Line

LSDP-32PPR Two-layer Double-pipe Production Line
04-292019Prdouct News

LSP-1000PVC pipe extrusion production line

The whole line is equipped with data acquisition system to store and analyze production process data, visualize production process and improve management efficiency.
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Double-pipe high-speed extrusion production line

The main machine is equipped with special permanent magnet servo motor for extrusion, it is energy-saving and efficient, saves more than 15% of energy.
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Automatic Bundling & Bagging machine for PVC Trunking

For packing 3.8 meter trunking, the packing and bagging cycle of each bundle is less than 1 minutes.The two adjacent lines can be designed and packed in the form of “face-to-face”, which is convenient for one person to operate two machines at the same time.
10-262018Prdouct News

【110MM-1200MM HDPE Water Supply Pipe Project】——Cases Sharing

The HDPE water supply pipe project with specifications ranging from 110MM to 1200MM,equipped with an efficient and energy-saving mainframe of screw L/D ratio 40 series,and unique synchronous servo control hauling system with one drive control multi motors solution , 1:100 ultra wide speed range, ensure the production stability of equipment in specifications and speed span,high yield.Using the all dust free swarfless cutting mechanism, the maximum thickness of the pipe is up to 100MM.
08-272018Prdouct News

Bundling&Bagging(Spiral Head)Packing Machine

The bundling&bagging packing machine occupies less field of production line.Stretching film,bagging film,material pushing and stacking is all controlled by servo which is precise and stable.When change the length,the program will automatically and precisely calculate each position without manual input and calibration.
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